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Inspire & Engage

Embarking on your Youthlab journey might feel challenging and overwhelming -but it doesn’t have to be! Before getting to work, take the time to reflect, learn more about and feel INSPIRED!

Your first step is to explore the Introduction to Youthlab and the Lingo page. 

You probably already know from your own work how urgent is the participation of young people in the youth justice system, but in case you want to strengthen your knowledge on why it matters and, more specifically, why Youthab – we got you!

Youthlab has been successfully implemented in multiple countries, and the experiences of both youth and justice professionals have been overwhelmingly positive! Two of the key ingredients of the Youthlab model are that it is deeply rooted in:

  1. Models of youth participation and in the research findings on  involvement of youth in judicial procedures;
  2. International, regional and national conventions and policy frameworks on the protection of the rights of the child.

Understanding and articulating these two elements will enable you to better ENGAGE other stakeholders, such as donors, professionals within the justice system, youngsters in contact with the law, and ambassadors for implementing meaningful EXCHANGES within your context.  We encourage contextual adaptation and innovation, but it is important to ensure that the foundational elements are present! Go to READ MORE to explore all tools offered in this section.

By now, you should be inspired and excited to get to work. Section two will support you taking your first practical steps towards a successful Youthlab!

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Develop & Manifest

If you are thinking ‘Now what?’ – don’t fret! In this section you can explore the tools to move onwards and get ready for youth x justice exchanges – including identifying who to involve and how you should prepare them; what values, attitudes and skills you should look for or actively develop in order to implement a successful Youthlab. 

You can start taking your first steps – and we support you making sure you are in the right direction. That includes getting the right people onboard! Organizing a Youthlab requires a wide range of competencies, so make sure your team is rich and diverse in skills and experiences, including in  project management, social work/education, psychology, etc. That will allow you to handle the needs of organizing the exchange sessions and support the youth throughout their involvement. 

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You are almost ready to get started! But before you jump in, this section offers some essential ingredients for your Youthlab – feel free to adapt them to your context.

You can also be inspired by models of youth x justice exchanges, and creative approaches and tools  used by partners. Finally, explore the lessons learned so you can be ahead of the game when it comes to (un)expected challenges.