Map of promising practices

In April 2021 the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC), Young Perspectives (YOPE) and the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency started the Giving Back project. The Giving Back project strives to create meaningful youth participation by including young people with lived experiences (experienced experts) in the training of justice professionals. The main goal of Giving Back is to improve the child-friendly practices of European youth justice professionals working in Juvenile Justice Facilities (JJF’s) and to stimulate child-centred learning among European Union Member States.

Around Europe, various exciting initiatives are emerging whereby young people with lived experiences share their stories, are included, or even are the driving force behind systemic change and better care practices. One of the objectives of the Giving Back project is to increase our understanding of these participatory youth practices, with a specific focus on how young people are included in the training of justice professionals. In order to stimulate child-centred learning among European Union Member States, similar practices in Europe have been identified by setting up a mapping activity.

Picture: Members of the Giving Back consortium in Oberstown, Ireland

The mapping activity took place between July 2021 and March 2022 and was carried out by NHC and YOPE. We used a combination of methods (e.g., survey, interviews and desk-research) to reach a wide range of organisations and present qualitative insights. During the mapping activity the primary focus was to find and map proven or promising European practices that included young people in the training of justice professionals. However, after a thorough search process NHC and YOPE found very few initiatives that focused specifically on the training of youth justice professionals through participatory methods. Therefore, the decision was made to broaden the mapping activity by including participatory youth practices within a broader range of care and in decision-making processes. The Giving Back project takes a mandatory step towards prioritizing youth participation in the training of youth justice professionals.

The first result of the mapping activity is a document that presents the outcomes of the mapping activity and can be found here. The results of the mapping activity will also be presented in an interactive/visual way on an online platform that promotes the exchange of knowledge regarding the implementation of youth participation models in youth justice.

The initiatives of the mapping report can also be accessed in the map below:

Following the mapping, the YOPE team had the opportunity to visit two promising practices abroad and have a more in-depth exchange! You can see the impression of these visits below:

In November 2023, the YOPE team had the opportunity to visit ChangeFactory to learn from their methodology while sharing how YOPE engage with young people with lived experience in the justice system. The thank ChangeFactory team for the fruitful visit and exchange.

In the next month, YOPE visited the Child Advisory Board of the i-Restore project, implemented in Romania by Terre des Hommes. YOPE Expert Yasin shares his expectations and impressions of the visit (below). You can learn more about the project and their approach to youth participation in the mapping report.