YouthLab Lingo

Before exploring the toolkit further, we encourage you to get acquainted with the YouthLab lingo! These are some of the terms used by project  partners, but you can also adapt and/or innovate to your context, depending on your language. 

  • YouthLab coordinator/moderator/facilitator/Senior trainer is the person who trains and coaches the youngsters throughout the YouthLab program. 
  • Youth/Youngsters are youth who were deprived of their liberty in the past and accepted to join the project.
  • Training is used for the preparation of youngster to become experience experts. 
  • Experience expert/Junior trainer: once trained, the youngsters become experience experts or junior trainers and join the exchange with justice professionals.
  • (Justice) professionals are judiciary and/or (forensic) youth care professionals. They often include judges, prosecutors and lawyers, but can also include social workers, prison guards, etc. 
  • Participant: professionals who join the exchange with experience expert.
  • Youth x justice Exchange (or simply exchange) is used to describe the sessions between experience experts and professionals. 

We/us/our is used to refer to all project partners.